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Gassy baby and sleep- 4 weeks

We are just nearing the 4 week mark. Baby girl tends to fall asleep at the boob and sleeps ok while on me but as soon as I put her down she maybe stays asleep for half hour or so then wakes up and have to start the routine again. (There are some good sleep stretches speckled in there 2-3hrs) In conjunction with this she’s been super gassy which our pediatrician assured us is normal and peak 4-6 weeks. I can see her scrunching and squirming to get the toots and poops out and at times she spits up as well in her struggle. I think it’s part of the reason she can’t stay down once i put her down. Her feeding is not impacted by the gas as she wants to feed despite the scrunching, discomfort and spit ups. Any advice?

Re: Gassy baby and sleep- 4 weeks

  • My daughter had trouble sleeping when she was 4-6 weeks too. We spent A LOT of time burping her while and after breastfeeding/bottle feeding. She’s 11 weeks now and we still continue to make sure she is burped during and after feedings (she sleeps 8-10 hours through the night). Throughout the day we’ll give her belly massages and do bicycle kicks too. The Frida windipipe works amazing too (just be prepared because it can get messy). We’ve never resorted to it yet but her pediatrician also recommended gas drops (mylicon) or gripe water (mommy bliss).
  • I also have a gassy 4 week old. The best thing I have found when he is trying to poop or toot while awake (specifically right after a feeding), is to put him in a sitting position on my knee and lightly bounce my knee - to his favorite tune, the cha cha slide. It sounds silly, but it works.
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  • Thank you for the input!
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