3rd Trimester

Hurting when baby moves

I'm 30W5D with my 3rd baby and I don't remember it hurting so much either of my children moved around. It hurts so bad that sometimes she wakes me up. I am a lot thinner than I was with my other pregnancies so I don't know if that has anything to do with it. 

Re: Hurting when baby moves

  • Car1985Car1985 member
    I am 29 weeks and I have pain sometimes when my baby moves. It happens more if I am standing or walking. I will get these sharp pains in my lower abdomen, mainly on the left side and it feels like he is pushing on something. I’m guessing it’s either a ligament or my colon, but it hurts off and on and I have to sit and adjust my belly for it to stop. 
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