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Nausea into the second trimester???

I had a very very surprisingly easygoing first trimester, minimal nausea, LOTS of appetite and did not throw up once. Starting week 13 I had the nausea kick in. I’m no longer “craving” anything. I’m at 15 weeks now and I’m frequently coughing up most of what I eat, whether it be food, veggies, even water. Being on an empty stomach makes it 100xs worse but it even after eating I feel like the food isn’t setting into my stomach well? Constant abdominal discomfort, I’ve tried the ginger + B6 gummies, ginger tea, munching on crackers frequently, etc, doesn’t seem to help. Anyone else experienced/ing something similar?

Re: Nausea into the second trimester???

  • I stay nauseous from mid first trimester until the end (At least with my first two, this one is seeming to follow suit). I don’t throw up frequently but the nausea is terrible! I would suggest messaging your OB about it because sometimes they’ll give you an RX for anti nausea-especially if it’s causing decreased weight or they feel it could impact baby’s growth. I use preggie pop drops and stomach ease drops. Also this pregnancy I got one of those anti-nausea bracelets and I NEVER take it off. I know when it gets turned around though because I’m immediately sick. Hope you’re able to find something to help!
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    I was dealing with nausea pretty intensely during weeks 6 through 11. It eased up around week 11. While it isn’t as prominent as it was, I’ve found that I am not really craving anything, nor do I have a big appetite at all. This is my third pregnancy and the first to ever feel this way. 
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  • @mtg116 ugh food aversions are awful. I had them with my first terribly. I am someone who if I don't eat I feel soo sick. I hope it passes soon for you. 
    OP- I've been nauseous more lately and haven't puked I'm at 13 weeks. For me it comes and goes throughout the entire pregnancy. Usually way worse in the beginning. We are close to those magically few weeks in the 2nd trimester where you feel great. The calm before the storm haha 

    I hope you get feeling better soon. It makes everything difficult not feeling well. 

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