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Thoughts on name - Gianina

Thoughts on this name for our daughter!


(Pronounced as it looks “Gia”-“Nina”)

- We like the nickname “Gigi” so narrowed it down to Gianina or Giada
- I think people will confuse Giada with Giana (even autocorrect just did) but I’m nervous people will think Gianina is too long/weird
- Still working on the middle name so that doesn’t help to decide
- Neither name really means anything to us, we are just looking for something that is not too popular (probably only kid on the playground with the name) but not weird (like Apple, etc.)
-  We are both Italian so it won’t sound out of place

Some have suggested “Gia” / “Gianna” - we view  Gia as more of a nickname, and Gianna is too popular (where we live at least). We would like a longer full name so she can choose what to go by eventually whether it be in school or at an (adult) job some day. So Gianina could become Gia or Nina if she wanted when older, and we have Gigi for when she’s little as a cute nickname. This is so hard, though!


Re: Thoughts on name - Gianina

  • Absolutely love it!  
  • mb0112mb0112 member
    It seems to suit what you are looking for, so go for it! I do not personally love it, I think you will still get the issue of people confusing it with Gianna (more so than if you went with Giada). But that shouldn't matter too much if you love it. If you don't love it but are looking for other names that can be nicknamed Gigi but have the more mature first name I think you don't have to limit yourself to names that start with Gi. Any G name can work. Even more so if the middle initial is also G like for example Gemma Grace -GG or Gigi make sense! 
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