1st Trimester

Are new stretchmarks ever be white?

I’m 7 weeks pregnant and just noticed stretchmarks near my right nipple. Can new stretch marks ever be white? Or am I just only now noticing old ones and looking for ways to stress out?! 


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    It may just be me, we are all very different in our experiences with pregnancy, but my boobs didn't get stretch marks until post birth with breastfeeding. I think generally white is old ones that have faded. Fresh ones are more bright like pink, reds, blues, and purples. 
    I have stretchmarks. It's a genetic thing more than preventative. I have friends with none after 7 kids and I have friends with them everywhere after 1 kid. Keep your skin moisturized but try to not fret over them. They will most likely happen. I think of them as natural tattoos. They tell a story. Hope this helps. And Congrats! 
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