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Sauna before BFP

Has anyone sat in the sauna before finding out they were pregnant? I sat in an Infrared sauna 3 times during the TWW not knowing I was pregnant and I am literally losing my mind. The times I sat in the sauna would have been 1DPO, 5DPO and 8DPO. I have been researching a lot and obviously in the United States where I am, the sauna is a big no no, but I have read information that women in other countries don’t stop going.

Re: Sauna before BFP

  • Eh, I’ve been saunaing most of my pregnancy…mostly infrared and I don’t always go in long enough to sweat. But in the beginning, I’m very sure I did without realizing I was pregnant. Sometimes I’ll get a good sweat still even now. Baby is doing great, no issues on the anatomy scan. I can’t say that I’d recommend other people doing it, but I haven’t seen any adverse effects thus far. Also women in Scandinavia definitely still sauna but just don’t go in for as long. I figure that if sweating in the sun isn’t frowned upon, I’m okay. I’m sure there are many who will disagree with me, and that’s okay - and again, I wouldn’t recommend it as medical advice. I’m just saying that I’m not worried about it. I had a fever of 102 in my first trimester, which is definitely hotter than my body temperature got from the sauna.
  • Thank you so much this is so reassuring! I have been going crazy, I even reached out to the medical director in Finland 😂 Do you mind me asking how hot your sauna has been and how long you were sitting in it for?? (Especially during the TWW?)
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    I can’t say how hot it got because we have an at-home IR sauna (SaunaSpace - it’s great). But I would definitely be in there for a good 30+ minutes during what was probably ovulation week and the week after. It was a good sweat and I was pretty close to the lights at the time (probably about 18 inches)

    When I go in now, I don’t turn on the bottom light that is level with my belly and I usually sit with my back to the lights…or if I want to sweat a little and turn towards the lights, I’ll cover my belly. I don’t go in as long now, usually 10-20 min, and I don’t always sweat. But prior to testing positive I definitely wasn’t as careful. Again, though, I was doing it in my first trimester (albeit less frequent, and less often sweating) and baby’s doing great at 22 weeks.
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