2nd Trimester

Feeling sick everyday

Hey all! I know that being pregnant causes morning sickness and what-not. I am wondering if anyone else is feeling crappy every single day all day? A few weeks ago this started when I was 11.5 weeks pregnant. I had a day where I was throwing everything up, including water. By the time midnight came my husband and I decided to go to the hospital and I got fluids and was in for several hours. Ever since that day, I have no wanted to eat much, no food appeals to me and it's hard sometimes to just eat something. My stomach is constantly upset and I have small headaches here and there. Is anyone else experiencing sickness like this in pregnancy that is making it hard for them to eat?! I am currently now entering 14 weeks and I am still feeling sick every single time I eat something or drink something. 

Re: Feeling sick everyday

  • This is ny second pregnancy and i feel the exact same way. Its hard to describe but you hit it right on the nail. Idk what it is but i hope it gets better soon because i hate feeling this way.
  • Yep! Sounds like my experience since about six weeks.  It's easing up now.  (I did throw up twice today) but the naseau has subsided.  For awhile I took the Unisom and b6 combo.  Had a really rough time of it week 10 and 11 and was prescribed phenergen which helped considerably.  Talk to your OBGYN.  
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