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Weekly Randoms 3/10-16

A place for random things to keep threads organized. 🙂

Re: Weekly Randoms 3/10-16

  • sph97sph97 member
    today DS had his first UNPROMPTED poop on the potty! We also ran errands all day accident free yesterday! 🥳
  • Got my anatomy scan today! So fun to see her moving around despite not feeling much. All looks good so I'm set to go to Japan in a few weeks!
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  • sph97sph97 member
    thats great!! I’m glad you have some peace of mind now! 
  • Having some bleeding today after we DTD. I know this is normal, but it hasn’t happened to me so I booked an elective ultrasound just to check things out. Hoping it’s not a placenta previa 
  • @theneno1012 hope you get reassurance soon! I know my cervix is sensitive to everything.   
  • Thanks. Mine usually isn’t but I wasn’t factoring in that I’m on aspirin and it was probably making it look worse than it was. Did an ultrasound and she’s looking just fine 
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