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IF Testing & Treatment w/o Mar 11

**This is a place for those of us who have already started TTC, but have started infertility testing and/or treatments. You can express your thoughts, feelings, and frustrations on infertility. TTC can be a long journey naturally, then add in the difficulties associated with infertility, and it becomes a whole new ballgame. The road to infertility can be lonely, frustrating, and complicated, so let's make this a place where we can vent, ask questions, and support one another. Feel free to resurrect this thread at any point in the week if you have something to say. Treat this as an ongoing conversation.

Diagnosis (if you've been):

Status (TI/ICI/IUI/IVF/FET/benched):

What are you doing this cycle? (Testing? Treatment?):

How are things going?:

Any questions?:

GTKY: What are your feelings on Daylight Savings Time? For it? Against it? Ambivalent?

Re: IF Testing & Treatment w/o Mar 11

  • Diagnosis (if you've been): Unexplained

    Status (TI/ICI/IUI/IVF/FET/benched): Benched

    What are you doing this cycle? (Testing? Treatment?): Testing & home study

    How are things going?: Good. Right now we are in a short waiting period, for tests and for our home visit, so it’s been less stressful this past week

    Any questions?: Nope

    GTKY: What are your feelings on Daylight Savings Time? For it? Against it? Ambivalent?
    I would love to stop having the time change. I’d probably have a slight preference for permanent DST, rather than standard time, but I’d be fine with either. 
  • @britters314 What other tests do they have you doing?

    Diagnosis (if you've been): Unexplained

    Status (TI/ICI/IUI/IVF/FET/benched): FET

    What are you doing this cycle? (Testing? Treatment?): PGT testing

    How are things going?: Results are finally in! Meeting with our doctor next week for a full debrief but expecting to be able to move forward with an FET soon after. Full details in spoiler.

    Four (out of six) of our embryos came back euploid. Of the others, one was high mosaic and one “complex abnormal.”

    Of the four euploid, one is unaffected by the monogenic disorder we did PGT-M testing for, and the other three are carriers. None are expected to experience complications as carriers.

    Finally, and maybe most interestingly, for embryo quality we had two 4BA embryos—but they were the ones that came back abnormal in the PGT-A testing! So we’ve got a whole crew of 4BBs to choose from as we approach FETs.

    We did have them blind the report re: sex. It feels sort of silly to want to not know that when we know so much else about these lil embryos, but it also feels like one of the few surprises we can experience like we would have if we conceived spontaneously.

    Any questions?:

    GTKY: What are your feelings on Daylight Savings Time? I’m a morning person, so I love it in the fall but hate it in the spring, haha. I struggle a bit with seasonal affective disorder in the winter, so it’s really hard for me to get plunged back into darkness on my morning commute when I was just starting to feel the hope of spring ☀️

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  • @aisleofviewtwo They are just having me do the CD3 bloodwork and an SHG. I still need to do the bloodwork because I was out of town at the beginning of this cycle. Plus I’m also due for an annual exam and Pap smear, so I’m doing that later this week. 
  • @britters314 Ah, ok, sorry! I was thinking you’d just done the SHG. I guess that was someone else.
  • @aisleofviewtwo No, you’re right, I did just do the SHG! That’s the only thing I’ve done so far. Also, I just remembered I meant to ask you something about your GTKY answer: do you live near one edge of a time zone? I live near the eastern edge of a time zone and I know around here people with seasonal affective disorder prefer the spring time change and hate the fall change because then it gets dark at 4:30.
  • @britters314 yes! I’m actually on the eastern edge of the mountain time zone. I generally struggle with winter due to the lack of sunshine, so I guess it’s just my morning person preferences that have me feeling the way I do—because their reactions also make a lot of sense to me.
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