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Expecting while breastfeeding

Hello! I'm currently expecting my second baby! My 16½ month old is nursing, basically around the clock for the last week 🤦🏼‍♀️ anyone have experience with this &everything turned out fine with the pregnancy? Just paranoid it will affect the viability...?

Re: Expecting while breastfeeding

  • Hi! I’m expecting baby no 4 in November. I breastfed through early pregnancy with both my second and third and everything turned out great. I was told to stop around week 20, but that before that wouldn’t make a difference. Congrats on baby no 2!
  • Thank you!
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  • I breastfed while pregnant with 2 separate pregnancies. Each self-weaned when I was around 4 mos along; overall my supply went down (maybe a little because of hormones but mostly because kiddos were growing out of it) and it also seemed like the the flavor of my milk changed, too, based on how my oldest reacted to it. I used to work in L&D and supported plenty of moms who tandem breastfed (meaning they breastfed two babies from separate pregnancies) which means they never stopped breastfeeding during their pregnancy. All patients in this example delivered healthy babies at full term. I recommend you do what’s right for you and also take cues from your toddler, don’t force anything! 

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  • I believe it could only cause any problems if you have a history of preterm labor and your body is easily triggered into having contractions. There would have to be a reason, basically. Sometimes Mamas do have a gut instinct about these things, but it can be SO hard to differentiate between that and anxiety!!! I've also known people to tandem breastfeed and everything went great. My oldest also didn't like the flavor once I was pregnant! Lol
  • It sounds to me like your 16 month old can tell the changes that are happening. They pick up on the hormonal shift. A lot of kids get much more clingy. But they may actually end up selfweaning just a little earlier than they would have otherwise. Which would be easier!
  • She has definitely been more clingy, it seems like ever since we conceived! It's crazy, it really does seem like she noticed the change somehow, some way 🤯. I can't wrap my head around that &how that works!
  • I BF my first for a while when I was pregnant with number two. He pretty much weaned after a few months. But it came in handy when I went over due, I let him feed as much as he wanted that week and it helped me get baby into position and go into labour.
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    BFing definitely does not affect viability! I'm still nursing my 12 month old daughter too, I'm not worried about that at all. I'm a little sad about our nursing relationship changing though, we're in such a good groove now. I want her to self wean when she's ready. No idea how to tandem BF if she still wants to at that point, but we'll see. The age gap between my two oldest is 4 years so my son was long weaned before I got pregnant with his sister.
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