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Product Spotlight: Nursery

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  • I’d love any tips for organizing a baby’s things in a master bedroom. In order to prolong my other 2 kids sharing a room for a while, we won’t set up a nursery for 6 months or so. 
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  • @saltedcaramel518, I will have a seperate nursery since it's our first! But there is discussion on the May BMB under the Nursery Thead about this with some good ideas! Feel free to snoop or join in the convo! 🙂
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  • I'm not sure if there is a separate product spotlight for this, but I'd love people's recs about gliders or rocking chairs. This always stresses me out so much - and I love the one we got last time (we ended up getting a La-Z-Boy with the idea that we could use it beyond a nursery), but need a second one for a tiny room (which will actually be my older daughter's room rather then the nursery). Reviews are always so mixed and they can be so expensive! And I don't think I will be able to go try different ones out this time around... Has anyone tried an actual rocking chair? Are they hard to rock in? That's my biggest concern after reading reviews, but I like the look and think they might be more practical in a smaller room? 
  • I'll share that I love Etsy for decorations for nurseries if you haven't looked there/thought of that. Last time we went with a beach/ocean/sea theme and got the cutest mobile and art work and other decorations. This time we are keeping the nursery the same, but using Etsy as we move my daughter to a new room (which will be dog themed) - I got the cutest knobs for her dresser and art work that I'm so excited about. 
  • @curlyandpreggo I echo the Etsy suggestion. My mother in law got these for us on Etsy and we hung them up this weekend. I am in love and keep coming in to look at them!!
  • @sbaby2023 those are too cute!
  • kbru88kbru88 member
    @saltedcaramel518 we are in a similar situation. Best advice I have is to find a plastic bin that can slide under your bed. And use that for babies clothes and things. I also invested in things that could be moved from room to room. So a small bouncer instead of swing. 
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