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Weekly Check in 3/10-3/17

Good day mamas to be! This board doesn’t seem to have structure yet but in order to create community on here, let’s start weekly check ins!

feel free to write whatever but in general:

How are you feeling? Symptoms? Worries? Good news? 

Have you had a doctor’s appointment? How did it go? 

Need to vent or seek advice? Go off :)

Re: Weekly Check in 3/10-3/17

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    Yay! I love this.

    So, I'm ok! Very tired, sore breasts en feeling a bit queasy. Sometimes I'm worried about my fluctuating symptoms, but as I'm working in the perinatal field, I know feeling sick on and off is quite normal. Also, I sometimes can't believe we will have a healthy baby as we already have two healthy kids. But I also know this is my head making things up in order to 'prepare' me in case this pregnancy wouldn't end well. With this in mind, I'm quite able to also enjoy this journey. :)

    I'm going for my first ultrasound on Friday. 💝
  • Knowing stuff in the medical field and knowing it in your heart are different things for sure! 😂 It’s a constant struggle to believe what you already know. Having a third is so exciting! This is my second and I’m also having off and on symptoms. I feel like last time it was constant nausea but now it’s only every few hours or sometimes once a day. I don’t wanna be nauseous 24/7 but it would be reassuring
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  • Oh, it IS a struggle to reassure myself. It's so funny, because it's basically my job to help pregnant women keep their calm. 😂

    And yay, your second! So exciting! 🥰
    How far along are you?
  • Im due 11/2 so 6weeks 2 days I believe. I have a first appointment tomorrow to confirm pregnancy and schedule the ultrasound. 
  • lbonitolbonito member
    Feeling good- just a bit of sore breasts and tired…and nervous! Had a chemical pregnancy and a blighted ovum the past year so hoping this one sticks. Due 11/14
  • Sorry for your losses. With my son, i had 3 chemicals, one blighted ovum and one MMC at 6.5 weeks before I finally had him. It’s devastating but when the baby is in your arms, it’s all worth it. Fingers crossed for you.
  • mitchipmitchip member
    Hearing the on/off nausea isn't just me is reassuring! I gotta tell you I'm constantly exhausted though. 

    What are you doing to help you get through the day? (Also, I realize this is just the beginning  :( )
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    @leylea89, how was your ultrasound? ❤️

    @lbonito, fingers crossed for you! 

    @mitchip one cup of coffee, taking a walk, dancing to some upbeat music, taking a nap and drinking a lot of water works quite well for me. 😊
  • Little bit of pelvic cramping and pain. Not enough to interfere with daily activities. Somewhat tired...I had to sit down after sweeping yesterday. I've only had one real wave of Nausea so far. It happened this morning as I was looking up in my closet to see if I still had my maternity jeans from the last time. Of course, I got rid of them since I thought I was

    I feel like I had some pelvic pain with my first, but since I was a rookie, I didn't think anything of it. It all turned out fine. But since then, my BFF has gone through miscarriages and chemical pregnancies, so now I'm aware of all the scary things and I'm completely freaking myself out. April 8 can't get here soon enough, as that's my first ultrasound.
  • 4w3d here! Took two tests, period never came and starting to get excited.

    So far no real symptoms except a little nausea before bed a few nights ago— I’m grateful for this and hope it stays this way lol
  • 4weeks and 3d here(I think)!  What do your tests look like? 
  • 5w5d. Due Nov 9. It's my first! We are so excited! Man the fatigue can just hit you out of nowhere. On and off mild nausea. The smells are starting to get me. 🤢 It's crazy to me how one moment you're fine and the next your not and hours later you're good again! 
  • I have NOT felt well this week :(. I had to travel for work Mon-Wed and nearly passed out a trade show. I can’t go more than three hours without eating or I have blood sugar issues that is horrible low level nausea and weakness. I just woke up from a three hour nap. Lots of anxiety. No appointment until 3/25.
  • mitchipmitchip member

    oh no! I'm so sorry to hear how bad you're feeling. Hope you get a calmer week up ahead.
  • Feeling okay! Weirdest thing that happened the last two nights and one time last week. Woke up around 2am and have like this almost gas pain sitting low in my abdomen. Usually goes away after 20 minutes of walking around, bathrooms etc. last night it gave me the night sweats. It’s not on one side and may just have to do with what I’m eating? Anyone else have this happen before? 
  • Due 11/13 with my first! First prenatal appointment is next week. Is anyone else just unbelievably itchy? I’ve been SO itchy since finding out I was pregnant
  • Due 11/22 with my first! I know it’s still early on, but I’ve decided to let myself get excited to be a parent!!
  • We found out almost 2 weeks ago I was pregnant. I’ve had at least 2 chemical pregnancies in the last 3 years, so to say I was in absolute shock is the understatement of the year lol. Currently due with my first 11/12! This week I’ve been absolutely exhausted and my breasts, specifically the nips, have been so sensitive! We had booked a quick trip to NYC a few weeks back (before I knew I was pregnant), and what a different trip it was. I was constantly exhausted and needed breaks from walking everywhere which is very much unlike me. My feet were so swollen, but at the end of the day had so much fun and a cute way to celebrate us 💜
  • aolesaoles member
    Feeling pretty good! I’m either fighting off some kind of illness or struggling with allergies. I had a low grade fever Tuesday night (100.4) that I don’t feel lasted very long. someone triggered me on another board that a fever early on can “ruin” the pregnancy. Low key trying to not freak out, this was cycle #8 of us actively trying with cycle monitoring and testing.
    Sore boobs went away, and I’m feeling insatiable. I’m trying to eat small frequent meals and hoping I don’t get morning sickness like I did with my first. Tried a new prenatal and it tastes horrible. Who thought making a prenatal pill kit with 5 pills was a smart plan, and why does it have to give me the fish burps. End rant. 

    What brand prenatals is everyone taking? Any proven methods you found to help with morning sickness or to stomach nasty pills? I tried milk, it doesn’t really help with the taste
  • @aoles sorry to hear your prenatals are rough! I took One a Day + calcium pills with my first two and feel like they were rough on my stomach. With this pregnancy I’ve been taking Bird&Be and feel like they’re pretty gentle. There’s more of them to take but so far I haven’t had any issues.🤞 

    Also, try not to stress about the low grade fever! I’ve had one with nearly every single pregnancy (this one included) at the start and always assumed it was from fluctuating hormones at the start. ❤️
  • mitchipmitchip member
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    aoles I've just been taking folic acid because the prenatals were rough on me too. My docs are okay with this. 
  • Doc prescribed me diclegis and it’s been a GAME changer. It’s the only completely safe anti-nausea meds for specifically pregnant women! If any of you gals struggle with morning sickness like me ask if you can get prescribed these! They aren’t as strong as zofran so you might still get a little queasy but for me it was SO much better than when I had nothing. 
  • Hello ladies! I just had my first ultrasound today and everything was good! I’m 41, no kids and had 3 miscarriages last year. I never had a good ultrasound or heard the heartbeat but today I experienced both! I’m so relieved and thankful. I’m hoping this is the one! My symptoms are awful, I’m experiencing just about everything imaginable and the nausea is 24/7. I’m hoping it doesn’t last long because it’s pretty freaking miserable. 
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