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Please tell me I'm not alone?

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I just turned 6 weeks yesterday and feel like complete crap. I'm getting so many symptoms: nauseous, wanting to throw up so bad (but never do!) , wanting to pass out, heating up, getting cold, super exhausted but can't sleep, stomach cramps, constipation, etc. it's the worst when I feel like throwing up but don't. It keeps me up at night along with wanting to pass out. Also my back, neck and head are killing me.  Please tell me I'm not alone and if there's any remedies/tips! 

Re: Please tell me I'm not alone?

  • I would contact your GP (or Obgyn) and get tested for the flu just to be safe.  Or just get suggestions for you to help deal with things. 
  • I felt like this with 2 pregnancies. I was iron deficient in those 2. I would feel light headed and feel like I could just faint. I would also have temptress fluctuations like hot flashes and then cold. It happened much less when I started my iron supplement. I got the one that looks like plant food from Natural Grocer. Amazon has it too. I hope you start feeling better. It's so hard to life whilst going through these symptoms. 
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  • Yes, I’m 6w4d and I feel the same! I keep checking to see if I have a fever because I get so hot and then I’m freezing with goose bumps! The nausea is 24/7 and I can’t stand the misery. My mouth is constantly pooling with water which makes the nausea worse. Ugh. I feel your pain. I had my first ultrasound on the 25th and everything was looking good. I go back 4/4 for a full work up and I will ask what if anything can be done about these symptoms. Perhaps I am need iron too. 
  • Op- have things gotten any better for you? 
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