1st Trimester

Cramping 6w1d

Just constantly throbbing cramps but no blood. Anyone experience this? I just wanna lay here for awhile until it stops.

Re: Cramping 6w1d

  • I'd talk to you doctor asap. Cramping can be normal but definitely not constant. 
  • i have experienced a constant type of cramping. my doc had checked hcg levels at this point to eliminate the idea of ectopic pregnancy. thankfully hcg levels grew at a great rate so no ectopic but i still had cramping. so she said that as long as there is no bleeding then no worries. i’m going on strong at 23 weeks :) but i would definitely talk to your doctor and see if she can check out what’s going on but if all looks normal then the cramping might just be a side effect of the pregnancy like with me 
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