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Breech baby

I’m 34 weeks and baby still haven’t turned head down anyone else waiting on their baby to turn head down ☹️

Re: Breech baby

  • I’m 36.5 weeks with my first and my baby girl is frank breech (feet by her head). We’ve already scheduled a c-section for 38 weeks for that and other medical reasons. But I hear they can turn at the last minute. 
  • My OB said not to worry until 36 weeks when mine was transverse at the anatomy scan. They're going to check when I have my next appointment to make sure baby is head down at that point. I've heard good things from others about the spinning babies exercises. Whether it works or not, it could at least give you a way to feel like you're doing something instead of just waiting. 
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  • My daughter was also Frank breech my entire pregnancy. You can try to turn baby but I didn't want to because there is a reason why she never turn. 
  • I have a friend whose baby was born at 39+5 and she didn't turn head down until 39+2, so yeah I guess a last minute turning is possible if not that common! 
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