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First Ultrasound- Measuring 4 days behind

Had my first ultrasound today at 6 weeks & 4 days, but I am measuring 6 weeks exactly on ultrasound. We saw the flickering of the heartbeat, but could not hear it. Is this normal?

Re: First Ultrasound- Measuring 4 days behind

  • You generally won't hear it at the first appt. At your next one with the dopplar you will be able to. Thats how 2 offices I've been to do it. The flicker is always such a relief to see. The US is an estimate. 4 days isn't a huge gap. I've been 11 days behind twice now. Everyone ovulates at different times in their cycle. Hope this helps. Congrats!
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    It depends on the machine I think. With my son they did audio but with this baby I never heard it from the ultrasound only saw it on the screen. I’m at a different hospital system than I was with him. 
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  • Thank you both so much! I really appreciate hearing your stories. 💗 I feel so much better about it! I have a history of miscarriages and I am an IVF patient so this was the first time I have been seen this early. I can now enjoy the fact that we saw flickering yesterday and stop stressing about not hearing it! Have an appointment next week to confirm growth so fingers crossed we might hear a heart beat at this time! 🤞
  • At your next appt request to hear it if they don't offer. I'd be shocked if they didn't. I think many offices don't do the audio at an US early on just incase there is an issue. The flicker itself is a huge sign. At my 20 week US they always play the audio. I'm now interested in their reasoning and will ask at my next US. Hoping you hear that beautiful sound and all is well! 

  • Mine don't do audio because they said it can be hard on baby. But they showed me the bpm
  • Good to know. Thanks! 
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