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Pregnancy Rash? Itching.

Anybody else have this or maybe even had it in a past pregnancy. Horrible rash all over my entire body. Started mild but progressed worse over time. Feels like little bug bites all over my body almost. Some spots look like I’m broke out in hives. It’s making sleep and every day life miserable. My next appointment is in a week for my 20 weeks scan and I plan to talk to my doctor about it. Just curious if anyone else has experienced this. I’m miserable!

Re: Pregnancy Rash? Itching.

  • Oh no! That sounds awful. I’m sorry you’re experiencing that! 
  • I’d suggest calling your doctor I think itchy skin can be a sign of something they might want to look into. I know I had a rash with my first pregnancy but it wasn’t itchy. It wouldn’t hurt to call and ask!!!
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  • kodesjkodesj member
    I ended up going in and they said there’s not much they can do. I guess some women just get rashes during pregnancy. I was prescribed some meds to hopefully help the itchiness but overall the rash will not going away until I have the baby. 
  • Calendula is really soothing for the skin. I actually just ordered a bottle of calendula oil. Castor oil has numerous benefits, as does tallow. 

    The hormones might be making you more sensitive to your soap products. I've heard really good things about goat milk soaps. A lot of friends order from the Bend Soap Company.

    Because of my Hashimoto's, I've been eliminating the use of as many artificial products as possible. I've always had a Japanese exfoliating cloth/sash in my bathroom and would use it in phases. I started using the cloth without any soap products recently. Just scrub well while in the shower. My skin has drastically improved; I don't feel dried out and itchy any more. I live in the desert yet I've been able to stop applying after shower oil. 
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