2nd Trimester

Traveling/vacation while pregnant

I am currently 22 weeks pregnant and my boyfriend wants to take his son and my son to Disneyland and says I’m selfish because I don’t want to go. Even though he knows I’m a high risk pregnancy I’m super uncomfortable and we are currently financially struggling. Am I in the wrong?

Re: Traveling/vacation while pregnant

  • sometimes depending on how high risk you are your doc might not even approve to travel anywhere for safety reasons. maybe talk to your doc and see if they think it’s safe for you to go? if not then you can give your bf that excuse, he can’t argue with the doc. 
  • Your man needs to show some respect. Your body is already growing a whole human. Even if you weren't high risk, if you don't want to go that should be reason enough for him to accept that with grace. If he is adamant about going (and you trust him), he can make it a guy's trip and take your son and his while you stay home and get some rest. 
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