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March Symptoms

What are some symptoms you’re having? Third tri is a whole new beast! 

Re: March Symptoms

  • virtaurvirtaur member
    My bowels are becoming unhinged. This happened with my son too. Random bouts of diarrhea/intestinal cramping. Fun! I can’t wait to poop normal again 😆
  • mar11btfmar11btf member
    Back pain and shortness of breath have been my biggest new symptoms! My workouts are getting more uncomfortable and challenging.
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  • HGRichHGRich member
    I could have said basically the same thing as @mar11btf really. Back pain and struggling to breathe. I’m so determined to keep exercising, especially given its importance for GD, but it’s hard. 
    My goal is to keep exercising through 36 weeks. And then maybe tone it down if needed to walking at a slower pace but to keep walking regularly. 

    Otherwise I’m still feeling pretty good. Insomnia makes me look tired but my skin and hair look good. No puffiness or swelling yet. 
  • virtaurvirtaur member
    Now I’m worried I may have a little bug. My son just had diarrhea so I’m wondering what’s going on. I have an appt tomorrow so I’ll bring it up to the doc. Hope it’s nothing serious 😩 
  • lower rib pain by the end of the day. I try to sit/stand tall and stretch but sometimes just gotta lie down for a bit. I’m super short waisted and I think everything just keeps getting pushed up and out! And acid reflux but tums are helping. 
  • virtaurvirtaur member
    Just had the worst night of sleep yet I feel wide awake? But I’m sure I’ll be exhausted later. Normally I can sleep so well once I fall asleep. Frustrating for sure 😖
  • Carpal tunnel at night - brutal 
  • @firstbaeinmay24 me too, it sucks. I got a brace to wear on the side that’s worse, and it helps some, but it’s hot and makes getting all the pillows and blankets adjusted a bit more of a chore. 
  • Not much, my belly can kind of feel heavy by the end of the day. I’m definitely hungrier, sleepier, and have to pee more than when I’m not pregnant.
  • HGRichHGRich member
    Is anybody else sweating a lot at night or is this related to my GD? 
  • virtaurvirtaur member
    @HGRich we keep our room pretty freezing with the window open otherwise I would. With my son I was in third tri during the summer and every night I would overheat and die.
  • mar11btfmar11btf member
    @HGRich meeeee!! I wake up most nights very sweaty 😬
  • stress_enginestress_engine member
    edited March 8
    Emotions are much better this week! I'm noticing a pattern of my hardest emotional weeks are also weeks that I am waking up more at night with insomnia. It is the worst, so feel you all there!

    I was wondering if there was some kind of in the dark hobby I could get into, lol! Seems like a lot of wasted time, except for when I'm laying there feeling baby girl up with me. 🩷

    I think I have been waking up warm more often, but it's a little hard to tell because our pup girl has been sleeping practically on top of us most nights! 🤣
  • I have intermittent insomnia and the thing that helps me is moving to the couch. I find just lying in bed (beside a man who sleeps blissfully through the night- cue rage) can be frustrating. Something about trying a different location helps reset things.

    im getting really intense dry skin even though winter is ending and the air is more moist. Apparently it can be a pregnancy thing. It’s not itchy, I’m just shedding like a snake ha 
  • HGRichHGRich member
    edited March 8
    @mar11btf that’s reassuring. I was really afraid it was related to low blood sugar levels through the night and while it may slightly be I just don’t remember from my non GD pregnancy how much I was sweating at night! 
  • I'm feeling so sleepy and easily out of breath now. I get hip pain that I need to stretch out during my nightly pee break, but mostly I sleep like a log through the night.  Other than BH after standing/being active for an hour, I don't have any other symptoms!
  • virtaurvirtaur member
    I tried wearing an underwire bra yesterday and by the end of the day I was like NOPE lol it was pushing into my skin so bad because of my bump. I mostly wear my soft nursing bras or none when I’m home 🤣
  • HGRichHGRich member
    Two nights ago I way overdid it in the evening between cleaning the house, exercising on the treadmill, and sexy time without resting in between and wound up with Braxton hicks for two hours that kept me awake. Now FTMs don’t be like me, and maybe go into L&D if they’re 4 minutes apart for two hours. 😬 I was pretty confident they were just BH, since I’ve been in labor twice before, but even I was starting to question right before they finally calmed down. Took all of tomorrow to just rest. My uterus is extremely irritable. 
  • virtaurvirtaur member
    @HGRich I feel you on the irritable ute! I went to Walmart the other night with MIL to get Easter stuff and my uterus was so unhappy from all the walking/standing around looking at things lol I’m glad yours just ended up being BH though! 
  • I passed the GD test and blood work came back normal!

    Heartburn getting worse again. 😫 Can't sleep and having trouble eating again. Felling yucky overall, but I told my OB and she's sent out a new prescription.

    Baby girl is moving all the time. How is she everywhere?! High kicks, low kicks, kicks all the way by my left hip and all the way to the right! On and off all the time. Caught it on video for the first time too! 😊
  • - Very sweaty nights
    - Insomnia
    - Restless legs
    - Round ligament pain
    - Easily irritated 🤪
    - Always out of breath 
  • virtaurvirtaur member
    My boobs have been leaking more frequently lately. Hoping that means I will have good supply from the start 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻 my son has only been weaned for like 8 months so it hasn’t been that long! 
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