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TFAS w/o March 4

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What number are you trying for?



Ages of other child(ren)?

Any thoughts about this cycle?

Any questions?


GTKY: This has probably been asked before, but oh well. What is your spirit animal?

Re: TFAS w/o March 4

  • What number are you trying for? 3 (first two are adopted)

    Month/Cycle? Stopped counting


    Ages of other child(ren)? 5 and 6

    Any thoughts about this cycle? I’m benched this cycle

    Any questions? Nope

    Rant/Rave? My kids have been getting up and running around the house early in the morning every morning recently and idk what to do to get them to stop. I’m so tired and so are they since they aren’t sleeping enough. I’m hoping it will get better with the time change. 

    GTKY: This has probably been asked before, but oh well. What is your spirit animal?
    A cat. If I could just nap in the sun all day that would be great
  • sejicasejica member
    What number are you trying for? 5

    Month/Cycle? 5/4

    WTO/TWW? No idea, maybe TWW? Though ff says still in fertile window, so idk.

    Ages of other child(ren)? 6.75g, almost 5b, 3.25b, 1.25g

    Any thoughts about this cycle? I'm always optimistic, though we missed cd21-27 due to spring break vaca, but we had a good streak before that, so who knows.

    Any questions? Nah.

    Rant/Rave? Thanks for everyone's patience with me being so hot and cold as far as posting regularly. This just gets so discouraging, as you all well know, trying to make more kids while chasing other feral kids.

    GTKY: This has probably been asked before, but oh well. What is your spirit animal? Honey badger.

    @britters314 solidarity. I let my 6.75g get dry cereal for her and 5 if she's ready to get up before I am, and she can get out her coloring books if 3&1 are still asleep. It usually buys me 30 min of peace. Sometimes I come down to them eating m&M's though.
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  • bluecampanulabluecampanula member
    edited March 7
    @britters314 nooooo. I like my sleep. I also like DST for getting my kids back on a reasonable schedule instead of too early. Ds#1 responded really well to one of those light up clocks. ds#2 also loved it, but his love was the sort to always want to carry it around... and after a few falls down the stairs, the clock is no more. They were both pretty young then. 

    What number are you trying for? #5

    Month/Cycle? 3

    WTO/TWW? (Edit, got my letters mixed up) wto

    Ages of other child(ren)? 11, 9, 6, 1

    Any thoughts about this cycle? Sitting this one out. 

    Any questions? no?

    Rant/Rave? Established care with a pcp last week, she didn't have anything to say about the CPs, the bloodwork she ordered all came back normal. I also let her order an u/s of my thyroid. Dentists and doctors love to point out that it's big, but that also came back normal so now I can tell them they're just being rude 😜

  • @sejica Unfortunately if I let my kids get up and get their own breakfast, they’d still wake me up. Our bedroom is a floor below the kids’ rooms, so as soon as they are out of bed, the footsteps wake me up. They definitely haven’t learned to tiptoe around yet lol

     @bluecampanula We did try putting clocks in their rooms, but they seem to just ignore the clock. I keep reminding them to look at the clock. Maybe eventually I’ll reach the magic number of reminders needed to get them to remember
  • @britters314 we had one of those okay to wake clocks. My son announced (45 minutes before it would have turned green) “the clock is BROKEN it’s not turning!” And threw it at my head. That was the end of that. 😂😂😂

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