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cravings 😋 & snacking

what have y’all pretty mamas been craving during this pregnancy? my first craving was mini gherkin pickles & gatorade! then cheeseburgers (from sonic) & now i’m really craving crunchy, cold, sour/citrus! so like dill pickles, oranges and mangoes ☺️ mm 

also what have y’all been snacking on lately? i feel like i eat scrambled eggs & baby carrots pretty much everyday 😂 more baby carrots than anything & i love a good smashed avocado to dip ‘em in ☺️ 

Re: cravings 😋 & snacking

  • Just like my first pregnancy my constant has been cereal! I love raisin bran, special K, honey bunches of oats with vanilla almond milk so that's usually my 1st breakfast (most days I have 2 or 3 breakfasts, I'm hungriest before noon) 

    In terms of snacks I've been leaning more towards salty things like plain chips, cheddar chex mix, wheat thins crackers or nuts. And most nights I'm ready for bed by 730 so I sometimes don't even have dinner. I guess that makes me ready to eat everything in sight in the mornings 😅
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  • Oranges. So many oranges
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  • Honey mustard. Anything I can dip in honey mustard is my immediate favorite food. 
  • tgalvtgalv member
    Shakes & sour candy 🫠
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