2nd Trimester

Getting sick- holistic remedies ?

Anyone has tips or advice on what to do when sick? (Besides taking medicine) 

 My bf and his son have gotten me sick 3x while i’ve been preggo. I am currently 22 weeks and im miserable. 

Stuffy/runny nose/sore throat/ body aches/ headache/ slight cough

lord help me lol

Re: Getting sick- holistic remedies ?

  • use a humidifier, drink lots of fluids with electrolytes, rest as needed
  • cscrzldbgcscrzldbg member
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    Stinging Nettle extract. MaryRuth's is one I order from Amazon (I hope the link works: https://a.co/d/irqUMWe ) Stinging nettle has 6x the Vitamin C of an orange by weight. Work yourself up to a full dropper squirt every morning and evening. 

    I have REALLY bad spring and autumn allergies. REALLY bad. I started using this last year. I had only 2-3 moderately bad allergy days in the spring and zero bad fall days.

    I use it plus whole food Vitamin C tablets (MegaFood brand on Amazon: https://a.co/d/ipvaxoZ ) whenever anyone around me starts feeling under the weather and I've been able to avoid getting sick. 
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