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Pregnancy After Loss Check In - March

This is a thread is for those who are pregnant after a previous loss(es). TW for entire thread due to discussion of MC, TFMR, CP, etc. 


Previous loss(es) (share as much or as little as you like)? 

How are you feeling? Emotionally & physically? 

Any appointment updates? 

Any big milestones?


Re: Pregnancy After Loss Check In - March

  • Is anyone else really worried about kick counts? My Dr wants me to start at 28w (and I am 27w today) and I feel like I am going to really stress over them. 
  • @sbaby2023 I never do them. If I want baby to move I lay flat on my back and that usually does the trick! But my baby is active so I’m pretty confident they they’re moving at least 10 times in 2 hours
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  • @sbaby2023 kick counts make me super anxious. My midwives told me to start at 28 weeks but that was when I was like 23 weeks and haven’t said anything since. In my first pregnancy my OB said “we find we have an already anxious patient population and kick counts only contribute to that. So our recommendation is if you haven’t felt baby in a while do a kick count - make sure you feel baby move 5 times within a hour - but otherwise don’t worry about it.” I might mostly do that advice….
  • @curlyandpreggo I may ask my Drs about that at my next appointment. I am an anxious person in general and after 3 losses in a row (all in the first trimester), I just know I am going to hyper-fixate on it and drive myself crazy. I have done it a few times this week just to see what it is like and I have already been stressing more because of it.  
  • @sbaby2023 I never worried too much about it with my previous full-term pregnancies, but I definitely feel more anxious about kick counts after experiencing losses. I think I will ask my OBGYN about it at my next appointment as well. 
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