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Re: March Randoms

  • My March random is just how the heck is it March! We are all getting so close to our third trimesters!
  • kbtt2022kbtt2022 member
    @curlyandpreggo I know! This pregnancy seems to be flying by compare to my last!
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  • Anybody else giving in to cereal cravings? Waffle Crunch has been gold.
  • maggiemadeitmaggiemadeit member
    edited March 16
    @maple1422 YES! Mine has been multigrain cheerios with cold whole milk. Bonus points if there are blueberries in the house to go on top. Soooo satisfying! 
  • @maple1422 when I was pregnant with my second, I was hooked on chocolate peanut butter Cheerios. I’ve been craving them recently, and I don’t think they exist anymore or at least I can’t find them locally. 😕
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  • Both pregnancies I have wanted basically milk + anything! For cereal Catalina crunch 😋  or morning summit
  • I think "nesting" has officially started for me. I'm having the urge to organize everything in my house (and have spent way too much time today cleaning out and organizing closets - which desperately needed to happen, but it was like a compulsion to do so)
  • @curlyandpreggo yes the sorting is real! I was able to remove 3 totes of items I'll never use again (or could replace very easily if ever needed again) from our house, and it feels so good!
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