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Organizing the threads ideas

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I'm not sure how many of you have been in a bump group before. This is my 4th. Traditionally the bump groups are a bit more organized with specific topic threads. On very active bump groups they even have weekly checks ins with other members that are due the same week as you. Is this something we would like to do?

Which topics interest you to make threads about.

 In some groups there were product spotlights where people could ask questions or give their favorites. 

I've seen get to know you (gtky) threads with a weekly question so we can get to know each other and update about where we are in our pregnancy. 

There were hump day bump day threads where on Thursday you post a picture of your growing bump which is also fun to see everyone's bump. 

Those were the favorites I remember from my groups, but I would love to have everyone's input and maybe we can come up with some good ideas and I'll start a post about what we are going to try and organize.

Re: Organizing the threads ideas

  • sph97sph97 member
    I thought I remembered Hugo day/bump day in Wednesday (“hump day”) but I still enjoyed it!
    I want to say we had a “flame free confession Fridays” where we would just rant about whatever was bothering us lol. Thankful Thursdays, Tastey Tuesdays (cravings) and I think Mondays were weekly check in days but I could be wrong. I pop in from Aug (due 8/3) but I have history of preterm labor so I’ll have a June/July baby more than likely. 

    I’d love to see a bit more organization and activity! These BMB’s are much less active than my last pregnancy (May/April 22)
  • i agree! love an active group, maybe having more topics to discuss on can help
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  • My first BMB was very active back in 2017 so we did have weekly threads for all plus the ones for those due on a Mon, Tue etc. We aren't as active here so we moved to monthly Randoms instead of weekly but I'd like more GTKY sprinkled in there and to see more activity
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