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Anyone STARVING come 5pm every day?!

I’m almost in week 11 and have been (knock on wood) very lucky w limited nausea. Breakfast and lunch I’m always ready for but not starving, and eat to fullness while snacking on other things throughout the day. But man, right around 5 everyday I feel like I could eat the whole refrigerator! We usually don’t eat dinner until 7ish, but have moved it up a bit now because of me. I’ve just been reading about how 1st trimester you really don’t need more food than normal and I’m worried about gaining too much too soon…. I haven’t weighed myself for fear of the number 😫

Re: Anyone STARVING come 5pm every day?!

  • Yes. This is me too. I just ate a huge snack before dinner last night because I wasn't going to make it until 6pm. I am 12 weeks today. 
  • I’m 14w6d and I’ve been coming home super hungry from work and snacking until I lose my appetite for dinner! Whoops 😬 I’m starting this pregnancy heavier than I did my first pregnancy, but I’m trying my best not to get preoccupied with how much I’m weighing between appointments.
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