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Pregnancy-safe Skincare

Hi everyone ๐Ÿ‘‹

Currently 19 weeks pregnant and new to the group. Since becoming pregnant with my second child I've found navigating pregnancy-safe skincare a nightmare! So many of my products now contain unsafe ingredients. So after talking to other Mum's I also found they were having the same problem, I decided to create a website and app that takes the guess work out of what products are pregnancy safe or not.

For anyone else having this problem please let me know as I'd love to hear from you. The app is due to launch soon so you can sign up to check your current skincare products: https://expectingskincare.co.uk/check-your-skincare-routine/

Hope this helps with anyone else suffering with the same issue and any feedback would be much appreciated!

Re: Pregnancy-safe Skincare

  • You may be reinventing the wheel, so to say. The Environmental Working Group already has a list of products and ingredients. And you can scan product barcodes to get product information.ย 

    I've seen them quote studies from around the world. But maybe their platform is only in the U.S.?
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