1st Trimester

Help! Taking Metronidazole at 7 Weeks Risks??

I’m only 7 weeks pregnant and came back positive for BV (bacterial vaginosis) so the doctor prescribed me Metronidazole without explaining any potential risks to my baby. However, when I spoke with the pharmacist to pick up the medication, they explained that there’s a risk of the baby getting cleft lip with or without a cleft palate with taking metronidazole during the 1st trimester since the baby is developing and super fragile!! (The medication passes through the placenta). I’ve been trying to call my Dr to see if there are safer alternatives but I’m waiting to hear back from her. Has anyone else come across a similar issue and decided to take the medication anyways?? Any alternatives to drugs or maybe alternative drugs you have used? 

(I’m also considered a high risk pregnancy so I’m scared and doubtful with everything I’m putting into my body😭)
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