Miscarriage/Pregnancy Loss

HCG levels post miscarriage

Hi everyone has anyone experienced something similar.

I was diagnosed with a MMC on 11/01/24 and underwent d&c on 12/01/24. I would have been 10 weeks and 6 days at time of d&c. The first week after I had some issues with heavy bleeding and pain and was scanned a week after the d&c which didn’t show any retained products.

So at home I was continuing to test strongly positive for weeks afterwards. I went back to EPU on 15/02/24 as still positive tests at home and they rescanned me again and said no retained products but my hcg came back at 89 (5 weeks post d&c). My pathology report from d&c came back fine.

I have had weekly hcg levels for last few weeks, hcg went from 89 to 44 (6 weeks post d&c) and then only to 35 this week (7 weeks post d&c).

I am pulling my hair out as I want to try again. I have asked them to get a second review of my pathology to ensure it’s not a molar. Do I need to push for more to be done to ensure nothing retained?

Can you ovulate with hcg level of 35 I am convinced I currently have symptoms of ovulation soon. Thanks for any help / advice
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