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Implantation bleeding or irregular period?

Hi all,

My last period was 21st December last year. It lasted 6 days and was normal.
I have a 35 day cycle, kept regular by medications.

I didn't have a period in January and was waiting most of February. I started bleeding last Sunday when I went to the bathroom.. it was brown and murky. Really gross. Sorry for TMI.

I had one positive result on a clearblue early test two weeks ago- since then I've had 6 negative.

It disappeared last night- nothing on my pad at all. But now I'm left with shoulder pain and niggling pain in my right ovary.

I can't book an appointment with a GP as I'm waiting to be registered after being placed in temporary accommodation by housing association.
I rang 111 for help and she advised me to register and get seen by a GP within 24hrs. I'm waiting for a callback in the morning.

I'm worrying this is ectopic but how do we know????

*I've never had a positive HCG test before 7 weeks- I have progesterone issues which apparently means the HCG is slow to rise*.

This isn't my first but I don't remember having brown bleeding for two days with any of the others.

Anyone had something similar?

Re: Implantation bleeding or irregular period?

  • With my second pregnancy (I am 12 weeks right now) I had some weird brown then red and then brown again bleeding with this pregnancy. However, I tested positive the entire time on the pregnancy tests and had an ultrasound at 6 weeks. (I have a history of miscarriage.) This to me sounds like a miscarriage, but, I have to note I am not a doctor. I've never experienced an ectopic pregnancy, but I heard they can be quite painful. How would you rate the pain? Is it minor or does it feel severe? I had bleeding for almost a week when I was 5 weeks and some change which lead me to believe I was miscarrying. But when I went in, there was a heartbeat and there was an itty bitty sac with an itty bitty baby. I'm curious as to what the doctor will say and if they do an ultrasound?!
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    Hi mhstephanie, thank you for your response 😊

    The pain isn't bad at all- it's sharp and twingy but probably rates at a 3.

    I had a friend who had an ectopic and she was in a veeeeerrrrry bad way at that time. I don't feel that bad...
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  • I have implantation bleeding nearly every time I get pregnant. It generally comes a week or so before my expected period. So it will trick me into thinking I'm not pregnant and I find out a month later. Mine has never skipped a month. That doesn't mean this is not implantation bleeding you are experiencing or that this is a bad sign. It would last about as long as what you are saying and be more brown than red and was very light each time. I hope you find your answers soon. This all can be so unnerving. 🙏
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    Thank you finalcountdown5.

    I'm not 'hoping' I'm pregnant, as such. With our messed up housing situation, now wouldn't be the best time for us (we have a lot of relationship issues and work issues) but it would be welcome.

    I think I'm leaning towards menopause :(
    Just peed on another stick and it's still negative.

    Oh well, on with another day and hope the GP can help me.
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    Ugh the dreaded menopause. I am so not looking forward to that journey. The women in my family all start early 30s and I'm 33. Good luck I'll be sending anti hot flash thoughts your way! 
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    Thank you!

    I ended up going to A&E as a GP wouldn't help me.

    They did a bloodtest and it came back as not pregnant. They couldn't tell me why I had all these symptoms- just told me to follow it up with a GP when I could. :(
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