2nd Trimester

What Gender does everyone think this is?

I was told with 99.9% confident the gender but before I go and do all my nursery for that wanted to make sure it they are correct  lol thanks so much!! 

Re: What Gender does everyone think this is?

  • Looks like a boy to me but I’m not an ultrasound technician so I could be wrong. With my girl I didn’t see anything between the legs.
  • i think they say if it looks like a hamburger it’s a girl? that’s what i see lol but im not skilled in this AT ALL trust the doc 😂
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  • We are not ultrasound technicians we don't look at crotch shots all day on ultrasound. If you don't believe what a trained professional says. Then you should believe me when I say it's 100% boy ' in all seriousness trust the tech.
  • @harpseal135 I know everyone isn’t a tech! I am just asking to hear from everyone else’s opinion I go for my actual appointment next week. I was told a girl by the last tech but I don’t believe it the position to me looks all boy from past experience but I have never had a girl so Idk lol 
  • You also didn’t say the gestation of the fetus, that will impact how things look depending on where development is. 
  • @virtaur ahh you are right! I thought I did pregnancy brain! Lol 😂 This was at 14 weeks 5 days
  • No worries! Yeah I’d say for a 14 w/o fetus it looks girl to me. It should flatten out a bit i think. I’ve only seen my girl’s at 21 weeks though. I’d probably wait to buy girl things though or save all the receipts just in case. 
  • This is the nub photo to me it just looks like a boy😭😭 I mean I would be excited if it was a girl since I don’t have a girl and this is probably my last one since I am getting old lol @virtaur

  • This was my girls ultrasound at 15 weeks 
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    Thanks that makes more sense! I definitely think the tech must have been confused that it’s balls 😭😭that she was seeing that’s what I saw and the position of yours is so much higher and this is so low. So glad I didn’t buy any girl clothes yet 😭😭 Thank you again for sharing! 
  • @erint1988 - you are seriously questioning a professional ultrasound tech because of internet strangers thoughts.  She saw way more than on picture and she knows what she is looking at.  I'd buy girl clothing before any boy.  I guess at this point you just be team green and find out at birth as that is the only 100% guarantee way to find out. 
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    @harpseal135 sadly I was told two different things. So obviously one of the “professionals” is wrong!  The ultrasound techs at the hospital told me girl but I went to a 3D place and was told 💯 boy she is a retired OB and very knowledgeable 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ that’s why I reached out on here more so for fun. Sorry if I offended you by my post. yes I would 💯 like to buy girl clothes instead since they are do much cuter than boy clothes. 
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