3rd Trimester

Possible Cholestasis at 33 Weeks

Hi everyone! I turned 33 weeks on Saturday and am so itchy. It started a little bit on Friday and Saturday but I thought it was just dry skin. Sunday my legs, belly and hands were itching and today (Monday) my entire body itches (except my hands stopped itching at like noon). I was researching cholestasis and it says end of 2nd trimester, early 3rd trimester so I’m not sure if I’m too far along. I talked to my friend who got it at 30 weeks. 

Has anyone gotten it at 33 weeks-ish? Should I call my OB tomorrow or wait til my appointment on 3/4?

Thank you!

Re: Possible Cholestasis at 33 Weeks

  • I have had choleostatis both times with my previous kiddos. One I developed it at 38weeks the other 36. If ur itching that terribly and lotion or a soothing bath helps to ease it but then ur immediately itchy again go to your doctor. Immediately. 
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