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Due date sept 12

Hey mommies ! This is my 4th pregnancy . I have a 7 year old daughter and 8 year old son . Miscarried my first son . Anyone else have cervical incompetence and have had a cerclage ? What were your experiences ? I am due for my procedure on the 8th although I have had it done before still somewhat nervous 

Re: Due date sept 12

  • nnbjnnbj member
    Same! This is my 4th pregnancy. I will have my 3rd cerclage on feb 29. My last two pregnancies with cerclages went well and I carried to full term. Very nervous for the spinal block but I’ve never had issues with the surgery or a cerclage in the past so I’m sure it will go well! Congrats on your pregnancy! I’ll let you know how surgery goes. 
  • Congrats to you as well ! And praying all goes well with you definitely let me know . It’s been so long that’s the part I’m nervous about as well . Definitely let me know how it goes !
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  • nnbjnnbj member
    My cerclage surgery was yesterday. It went really well but my dr said my cervix, while it was still long, was beginning to dilate and open so it’s good we did the surgery. It gave me a little validation that I have been doing the right thing all these pregnancies in having the stitch put in around 12 weeks. I’ll be thinking of you with your surgery coming up and hoping you have a quick and easy recovery! 
  • That’s so good glad to hear . Yes I’ll be 12 weeks by mine as well . I’m just ready to get it over with. Question ? I got a call from the hospital that would be doing my procedure yesterday and they told me to stop taking all my vitamins and supplements until afterwards . Did they have you do the same ? She said to ask my OB when I go Monday .
  • nnbjnnbj member
    I was only told no eating or drinking after midnight the night before my surgery. I took my vitamin and the zofran I have for morning sickness the night before. I’ve never been told otherwise with any of my cerclages. I would keep taking them and then ask your doctor why you shouldn’t? It seems odd. 
  • That’s exactly what I thought too 
  • My actual procedure went well but the spinal was horrible not pain wise but I think they gave me to much of whatever the medication was because I literally passed out during the process . I would say out of all my pregnancies this was the worst one lol but I’m glad it’s over and my doctor is great .
  • nnbjnnbj member
    So glad it’s over and done! The spinal was definitely the worst part for me too. And it took forever to wear off and I couldn’t pee for forever! I’ll be thinking of you! We will get through this and have our babies here before we know it! 
  • It took a long time for me as well !!! But yes indeed we will . When is your due date again mine moved up 2days apparently 
  • nnbjnnbj member
    I’m due Sept 6. My last baby was born on their due date which was fun! I’m hoping this one won’t keep me waiting. The last week is brutal but I definitely will be waiting for baby to come on their own. I was induced with my 2nd a week early and it was horrible. I will be trying to avoid that for sure this time around. Are you going to find out the gender? I still have 1 1/2 months until I will find out and I’m so impatient!  
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