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Pregnancy Test Confusion

my last period was 2/4. average cycle is 28 days. my period is expected on 3/3. last week on 2/22 I knew it was considered too early but twice in the day I almost vomited. i read that if you take a test later in the day to wait at least 3 hrs after your last urine. both my bestfriend and I saw a very light second line. when I took a test the following morning I saw almost the same thing. when I took another test today again it was later in the day it showed negative. I’m just confused if I’m still testing too early? because I’m experiencing lightheaded/dizziness and the nausea. 
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Re: Pregnancy Test Confusion

  • Hey! Frequent tester here! Sometimes if you have had a lot to drink they still say to wait until the next morning, first urine. Especially if you're testing early and it sounds like you might be! I have had this happen to me as well, where I tested early and idc what anyone says, at 3 weeks 5 days I had a positive. I track my period. I am also now 12 weeks pregnant, with my second baby. Not everyone is the same, every body is different. I'm curious if you have tested again since posting? If you had a faint line it sounds like a positive. If you let the test sit for too long, it could also be a evaporation line as well. It's hard to say! Maybe wait until a few days before your expected period and test again.
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