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Interval growth??

Hi mommas, I just had a follow up anatomy scan from my 20 wk one due to poor visualization. He was measuring in the 77th percentile then but when they measured him today he’s now only in the 30th percentile. I’m now 32 wks tomorrow. Is this normal? The fact his growth has slowed that much concerns me. My OB hasn’t had a chance to go over the results yet but I figured I’d ask here if anyone knows anything about growth. 1st time mom here sorry if I’m not making sense😅

Re: Interval growth??

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    I won't be much help here, but at 20 weeks my baby was in the 21st percentile, and at 30 weeks she was measuring in the 14th. This is my second and I don't remember having growth concerns with the first (shes 2.5 years now), but this one I'm so nervous about! Just know you're not alone in the worrying! My doctor didn't seem too worried and told me not to panic, but how can I not! Next growth scan is in 3 weeks, fingers crossed our babies will continue to do well and grow 🙏💕
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    I’ve heard it’s honestly pretty hard for them to get an accurate read on growth from ultrasounds. I’ve had super big babies and they weren’t always predicted from the ultrasound. I wouldn’t sweat it if there’s no other signs of concern!! Could be positioning, anything really. 
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