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Weekly Check in 2/26

EDD / Weeks + Days: 
Baby is the size of a (an): 
Team blue/pink/green:
Upcoming Appointments:
How are you feeling?: 
GTKY: What are you excited about?

Re: Weekly Check in 2/26

  • sph97sph97 member
    edited February 26
    EDD / Weeks + Days: 17+2


    Baby is the size of a (an): 🧅

    Team blue/pink/green: green

    Upcoming Appointments: Wednesday 

    How are you feeling?: Mostly tired, heart burn is ramping up. I’ve started having Braxton Hicks so I’m trying to stay more hydrated.

    Rants/Raves: Rant- why am I have Braxton hicks already?! Praying it’s a sign this baby will fall into brothers footsteps and I’ll have a spontaneous labor (not too early, but I won’t be sad if I DONT reach 40 weeks 😅)

    Questions: anyone else having BH?

    GTKY: What are you excited about?
    The newborn scrunch. & sweet cheeks and toothless smile. 🥺
  • EDD / Weeks + Days: 15+1
    Baby is the size of a (an): Eggo waffle 
    Team blue/pink/green: pink 🩷
    Upcoming Appointments: none until anatomy scan 4/9
    How are you feeling?: exhausted. I’m anemic and it’s taking a toll on my energy levels lately. Just trying to get through the days 
    Rants/Raves: DH is away for work this week. Whenever he goes away DS and DD love having non traditional dinners like breakfast for dinner. Easy for me and fun for them
    Questions: I’m in need of all new gear since my youngest is 5. What travel systems do you all have that you love?
    GTKY: What are you excited about? I can’t wait for warm weather, we are having a few days in the 50s and maybe even 60 this week. It is so much needed.
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  • EDD / Weeks + Days: 15+4
    FTM/STM/TTM+: STM + stepson
    Baby is the size of a (an): apple
    Team blue/pink/green: pink
    Upcoming Appointments: I'm getting an early anatomy scan before my husband leaves for a long business trip. 3/15
    How are you feeling?: Better but nausea/vomiting occasionally still.  Spotting too which always makes me worry.  Wish I could have an uneventful week (symptom wise). 
    Rants/Raves: Rant: I swear I felt DD a week ago and now nothing. Stresses me out until I can consistently feel her.  Rave: my mom knew I had a hard week and brought me over several baby girl outfits.  It was sweet and made me tear up. 
    Questions: any moms with girls have any clothing/ store recommendations? Also favorite bow shops?
    GTKY: What are you excited about? Going to Japan at the end of the month!
  • @sph97 I swear I've been having Braxton Hicks today and Saturday. I had them a ton with my first too but not this early.  🤷‍♀️ 

    @theneno1012 we really like our mountain buggy stroller for travel.  It folds small enough that you can carry it on the plane (I cringe watching everyone's baby gear get tossed around on the plane). 
  • EDD / Weeks + Days: 17 weeks

    FTM/STM/TTM+: 4thTM

    Baby is the size of a (an): pomegranate 

    Team blue/pink/green: green 

    Upcoming Appointments: anatomy scan on 3/8

    How are you feeling?: not too bad. Been having some stressful vivid dreams lately.

    Rants/Raves: in the last week or so, my 20 month old toddler has started throwing tantrums any time he has to get a diaper change or change into new clothes/pajamas. I can’t figure out why this is setting him off or what to do about it. It seemed like it happened all of a sudden.

    Questions: my husband and I need to buy a minivan now that we will be having four kids. We have been getting by so far with a third row SUV. I have been comparing the Kia Carnival, Honda Odyseey, and Toyota Sienna and keep going back and forth. Any minivan owners able to weigh in?

    GTKY: What are you excited about? Definitely looking forward to spring (longer days, warmer weather, flowers blooming) and feeling baby move more consistently. I have been feeling movement some days more than others and I also can’t wait for it to be more consistent. And of course looking forward to meeting this baby this summer.
  • EDD / Weeks + Days: 17+1


    Baby is the size of a (an): pomegranate 

    Team blue/pink/green: blue

    Upcoming Appointments: anatomy scan on 3/12

    How are you feeling?: I’ve been lucky and feeling great these days

    Rants/Raves: I think I felt little guy kick last night! Not 100% sure, so now I will be constantly waiting to feel it again.

    Questions: I’ve starting working on my registry and it gets overwhelming. Anyone have a guide/resource they are using or have used that helps you weed out what is really needed and product reviews? I’m using Babylist but I like to compare multiple resources. 

    GTKY: What are you excited about? I will be telling work soon, so there will no longer be anyone I am “hiding” my pregnancy from. It will be very freeing for it to be completely out in the open.
  • EDD / Weeks + Days: 13+3


    Baby is the size of a (an): lemon

    Team blue/pink/green: still waiting to find out

    Upcoming Appointments: not soon enough

    How are you feeling?: anxious, tired, fat

    Rants/Raves: why can’t the 20 week anatomy scan be at like… 15 weeks? I want to know the sex of our baby so bad but I just don’t trust those home kits and I don’t think we will have time to do a private ultrasound like we did last time.

    Questions: anyone else feel baby so early that it’s embarrassing to tell people? I felt my baby move around 10-11 weeks, I still feel them obviously. With my first child it was around 15 weeks but this one I swear it was before 12 weeks! 10 or 11 weeks is when I first felt it. The nurse made me feel stupid, or as if I was lying. I can literally shake my belly and feel them respond in there. Maybe I’m just extra sensitive in the abdomen but it’s pretty wild.

    GTKY: What are you excited about? Excited to find out the sec but good lord do I have a long time to wait still. Feeling so impatient. 
  • EDD / Weeks + Days: 16 weeks 5 days

    FTM/STM/TTM+: 3rd time mom

    Baby is the size of a (an):  avocado/ newborns hat

    Team blue/pink/green: pink!

    Upcoming Appointments: March 13th

    How are you feeling?: Tired. I get my kids up for school ans get them ready and some days I lie down and sleep for 2 more hours plus. Hungry more often but still tiny amounts. Last appt I had lost a few pounds so we shall see. Since I’m plus size they don’t want me to gain much at all anyways. 

    Rants/Raves: I’m sick of being tired. Where’s this second trimester energy!?

    Questions: I want to buy a baby carrier but I’m a plus size momma. With my other two I had a tuna but I’m not sure it’s the best option for my plus size body. Suggestions?

    GTKY: What are you excited about? Feeling more movement. Been feeling tiny movements. Last night she rolled over twice and I REALLY felt that. I want more of that!!
  • EDD / Weeks + Days: 14+3
    Baby is the size of a (an): peach
    Team blue/pink/green: green
    Upcoming Appointments: 3/7
    How are you feeling?: I'm feeling good but having some round ligament pain at times.
    Rants/Raves: My in-laws were in town this week and now I have to spend this weekend trying to get the house back in order. 
    Questions: none
    GTKY: What are you excited about? I'm excited about our baby moon to Las Vegas in a couple of months!
  • @lolothenailtech my husband likes wearing one that’s like the infantino flip 4 in 1 on Amazon. He’s got a big belly so it was nice to have something secure and stable for baby but with adjustable straps for him to straighten her out so she wasn’t pushed out funny. It was nice because we both could wear it and as she got bigger we could flip her around so she faced outward in it. I never felt safe wearing the wrap style carriers I know I see so many people in them but I always felt like I still had to hold her on me and god forbid I had to bend over to pick something up ug!
  • @lolothenailtech the moby wrap always worked good for me, it wrapped around my body good & kept baby snug. the only downside is that the fabric is a bit thicker and since im from texas we get heat almost year round! if you’re from someplace cool it might work good for you & your baby 😊
  • EDD / Weeks + Days:  Week 14

    FTM/STM/TTM+:  Mother of Many

    Baby is the size of a (an): Something that was randomly selected and doesn't make sense because next week will probably be something smaller. Oi, size is so relative.

    Team blue/pink/green: Still 💚 but feeling its another 💙.

    Upcoming Appointments: Not baby related ones. 😮‍💨

    How are you feeling?  Depends on the day. WlEnergy is coming back but feeling more run down from the crazy schedule the last 2 weeks.

    Rants/Raves: Why am I hiding in my car after getting home from work? Because it's WARM and QUIET and my kids won't leave me alone to get work done anywhere else, at least temporarily until they find me. 

    Questions: My mom just called and I didn't answer. Is anyone else feeling anti-social lately?

    GTKY: What are you excited about? I leave for Sedona in 16 days (and a handful of hours)! Long, quiet, solo, all-day drive through the desert. Eight days of learning new skills, enhancing current ones, self-care, and mental/physical/emotional rejuvenation. Plus, meeting new people and reconnecting with old ones/friends. Then a lovely return drive home to an ecstatic greeting from a gaggle of kids.
  • littlebabybuster 

    ty I will look into it!!

  • @feelinchubby824 Ty I’ll look into it!
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