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Middle names for Lyle?

We had picked out Winslow Everett and ended up not loving it and now we love Lyle but need a middle name 

Our last name starts with S and I don't love the idea of L.L.S or L.S.S. when it comes to initials so no L or S names. 

We generally like Lyle Kitt but think it sounds odd aloud. We also like Lyle Oliver but Oliver is far too popular. 

Nothing too common like James or Alexander. I've uses the middle name generator and haven't loved much except Lyle Wesley but it just doesn't hit the mark. 

Any ideas? 💛

Re: Middle names for Lyle?

  • I love the name Lyle.
    Lyle Dean
    Lyle Rhett
    Lyle Ridge 
    (I don't know what it is about the name Ridge but I am gunning for it this time if we have another boy)
    Lyle Hayes
    Lyle Wentworth

    All came to mind as well as Lyle Lee but no LLS. 
  • I think the popularity of Oliver is fine since Lyle is so uncommon, so I wouldn't rule out Lyle Oliver 

    Lyle Brooks
    Lyle Zachary
    Lyle Xavier
    Lyle Theodore
    Lyle Frederick
    Lyle Harrison
    Lyle Arlo 
    Lyle Felix 
    Lyle Quincy

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  • Lyle Rhodes
    Lyle Hansen
    Lyle Roland
    Lyle Marcus

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