1st Trimester

Bleeding 4 weeks

Hi! So this is my first pregnancy and I’m about 4 weeks. Took positive test on Feb. 20. Supposed to be on my period this week and have had light brownish spotting, just when i wipe. And a little bit of “skid” like marks (brownish blood) in my panties throughout the day. It’s the fifth day now (Feb.25) that I’m dealing with this. At first i was so worried, then came to the conclusion that it’s probably implantation. But if it goes on for more than a week, should i be worried? I had cramping in the first two days of the spotting(20-22) and really bloated. The last two days, still bloated, but not as much cramping. And i also have had tailbone pain since the positive test as well as mega sore/swollen boobs. Just any advice would be appreciated (: thank you!
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