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Middle name for Maeve

Hi looking for suggestions for a middle name for Maeve. We like the names Louise and Marie (both family names) but I don’t love them yet. I want something that is classic and I do like the “E“ sound that both of these middle names have. Also, I think I would prefer a two syllable middle name. Any other suggestions?

Re: Middle name for Maeve

  • Depends on the last name but here are some combos I like with Maeve and an E sound. I think 2 or 3 syllables is nice.

    Maeve Natalie
    Maeve Ruby
    Maeve Eliza
    Maeve Juliet
    Maeve Rosalie
    Maeve Genevieve 
    Maeve Cecilia 

  • nessiiienessiiie member
    Maeve Marie :) I was gonna name my girl this but found I’m naming a boy now!
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