1st Trimester

Is this an evap line or a positive?

Okay so iI thought it was neg after a waited a minute. Came back 45 mins later to see this. BUT aren't evap line colorless???????!!!!! 

Re: Is this an evap line or a positive?

  • 1st of all, you are not supposed to post pictures of pee sticks,unless it's in the sticky note thread at the top.

    2nd of all if you did not read the test within the time frame given in the written directions - it is not a valid test. Hence you need to retest and check in the time frame.  If it says within 5 minutes check it at the 5 min mark MAX and get your results. 45 min is an invalid result. 

    Either way there is nothing there. 
  • i would test again tomorrow morning with a digital. my sister in law had a positive like this after a longer bit of time and she’s now 20 weeks. but harp seal is right because you’re technically not supposed to wait that long for a line. i do see a line but because of the time wait i would test again and confirm with a digital. 
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