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How can I politely question my fertility specialist?


New to board. I am 36F have been TTC for 8 months. TW I don't miss periods and don't have issues ovulating. Still not pregnant, so diagnosed with unexplained infertility. I have 31 day cycles usually, and ovulate around CD 17ish. This cycle our RE started me on 50mg of Clomid. When I when in to see how my follicles were around CD 14 he suggest that I start gonal f because they hadn't grown. I didn't do it because I didn't know the meds were going to be $200, and already spent $200 dollars on a trigger shot. We were wanting to do IUI this month, but ended up not being able to because of the financially situation with the shots. So anyways they wanted me to have a follow up anyways. They measured my follicles, and the measured 18. The doctor filling in told me to continue gonal ( the doctor didnt know about the financial issues ) I happened to take some OPK test and they showed a surged. She was like Oh! and i proceed to show her. She's well then you need to baby dance tonight and tomorrow. I asked her do I still need to take Gonal f? She said no. So wait a min. I almost wasted another $200 on nothing? I feel like I've told them I ovulate later but they just don't listen. I really like my doctor and don't want him thinking I am questioning his expertise, but it seems like RE have everyone in the same boat? Idk.

Also random note. Last night I was woken up to strong cramp/stabbing feeling in my left ovary 6 DPO. Moving directions even hurt, and it went into the morning when I officially woke up. I pressed down on it a little, and it was definitely tense and hurt when I touched it. Hoping it BFP and not AF symptoms. So mentally tired for all of this.
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