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Five Things Friday 2/23

How was your week? 

Re: Five Things Friday 2/23

  • 1. Baby appt went well and I love my new doctor so far!
    2. Dresser is put together so I can actually get all the clothes out of the baskets. 
    3. Feeling some good cleaning motivation so I already went through my undergarment & sock drawers. Purged a lot!
    4. Mentally feeling stronger
    5. MIL got my sons hair cut and had him out for a few hours so H and I were able to hangout for a bit.
  • 1. I'm starting to really feel baby's weight this week - gotta catch my breath more often and turning over in bed is a whole deal lol.
    2. I had a relaxing day off on Monday - H had to work so he stayed home with puppy while I spent the day antiquing, exploring a cute little downtown, and drawing at a coffee shop. 
    3. My work bonus this year looks like it's going to be a little lower than last year, but on the bright side, I'm scheduled to train on something I've been asking about once I get back from my mat leave.
    4. My FIL may be coming over this weekend to help us build the nursery closet, which I'm looking forward to.
    5. Tomorrow is my neighbor's baby's 1st birthday so I need to run to the store in the morning and get him a gift. What would a 1 year old enjoy? 🤔
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  • 1. Metformin seems to be working to bring down fasting numbers? A little early to say though. 

    2. DH’s family gathering is over and to focus on the positive, his sisters bought me some stuff from my registry which was nice of them. 

    3. First meeting of book club is this weekend. I hope it proves to be a good group. 

    4. My initial maternity photoshoot fell through and I found one, less expensive, still available in March, and she’ll get me BOTH boudoir and family friendly photos. And I found a great dress for cheap. 

    5. I’ve still been able to keep pushing through with both treadmill and yoga despite starting to experience pelvic pain. Fingers crossed I can keep going awhile yet.
  • @denise_amd I primarily buy books for toddler birthdays. Or maybe you could do like a sun hat and sunglasses and pool toy for upcoming summer? But it may be too early for that. Lol. 
  • @denise_amd I’d probably do art supplies or craft activities a one year old could do! Or an outside toy
  • 1. We came back from vacation and it’s always sad how quickly vacation vibes dissipate. One day back to full-time work and I’m back to just counting the hours and days until the weekend.

    2. third trimester has started with the return of nausea in the morning and achy ribs by mid-day. Friday I came home from work and went straight to bed to try to feel better.

    3. as a first time mom who doesn’t have many friends who have kids or want kids, I realized this week I’m feeling a bit lonely, and sad that some of my friendships will have to change.

    4. I’m seeing a new therapist next week who specializes in prenatal, postpartum and moms. I’m hopeful!

    5. I managed to get back into the gym habit after a two week vacation. Things feel a lot harder but I’m sticking to it!
  • @louloumama finding a therapist who specializes in postpartum is genius. I’m sure that will help a lot. It’s definitely frustrating when friends without kids act so differently around you even though you’re the same person. My two best friends are still without kids and my oldest is almost seven. It’s been hard. I’ve made mom friends and I still talk to my best friends but it’s for sure different. Still, there have been times they’ve been good about reminding me who I am apart from motherhood as well, and that’s been nice. 
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