2nd Trimester

Trace of blood in urine

Has anyone any experience of them finding blood in your urine sample? It happened to me yesterday and they really panicked me as they said if it's there same time next week then I'll need referring to MAU! I don't have any signs or symptoms of a water infection but now I'm worried something is up with the pregnancy. I am 15+3. 

Re: Trace of blood in urine

  • hey! so don’t worry too much! blood in your urine can indicate proteins in your urine which aren’t a good thing however i have personally seen instances where blood in the urine during pregnancy can be caused by severe dehydration. (in that case the urine was completely red in color) 

    it can also indicate a urinary tract infection even if you don’t have any other symptoms. tell your doc, see if they can run a urine test on you. i would also definitely increase fluid intake and try to drink electrolytes as well as it will help with water retention and hydration. 
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