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Product Recommendations!

I’m keeping this title vague so others can ask for advice for products. My big question is does anyone have a diaper bag they actually like? I hated my last one. I want something light weight, backpack, and can open wide enough I can rummage without taking everything out. 

Re: Product Recommendations!

  • We have two. The first is a Petunia Pickle Bottom that opens all the way down the front. It looks like they don't sell the style anymore, but it was kinda like this. Advantages included an outside pocket for the changing pad and being able to see everything inside since the whole front zipped open. Ours also has a vertical zipper down the inside of the front panel to store diapers and a panel at the top to keep wipes suspended, both of which keep diapers on hand without doing the full open. (It was a super popular design when our son was born, but I'm having trouble finding it now...) Disadvantages include having to open the entire bag to get things out of the bottom, which makes it hard to hang from a changing table (have to put it next to baby's feet - much better when baby was smaller) and the Tetris to get everything in there in a way that it's accessible and won't fall out when you open it. The second is this one. We mostly used it as the daycare bag since we had the other already. The bassinet was handy on a couple occasions, but our son very quickly outgrew it. Advantages here include insulated bottle pockets (handy if you're pumping or formula feeding), inside pockets to organize smaller objects, and a wide opening at the top to find things. Disadvantages include dealing with the little poles for the bassinet and not really having a good spot for a changing pad, unless you're going to use the little foam "mattress" as a changing pad. 
  • thanks! I assume you included links but they are not showing! I saw that bassinet style one on Amazon. It’s intriguing but I can definitely see how they outgrow it pretty quickly. 
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  • Hmm... Weird... Also, baby brain is at it again. This one is actually the bag we have. (I've been looking at too many Disney-themed bags...) 
  • Ooo I love that one! 
  • Late to this post but the best diaper bag with my first was the adaptive kids wheel chair backpacks target sells. They are roomy, zipped all the way down AND had clips to attach it to stroller/wheelchair handles. With a special needs child we used this bag a lot for a number of years. I recommend them to everyone. That said my husband has his own smaller bag because he says I way overpack
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