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Welcome November moms! (Intros)

I’m currently 3w5 with my 3rd! My other two are 14 and 16 so it’s been awhile but birth boards were always a source of support back then. My due date is November 4 (one day before my 14 yo’s birthday 😂). Wishing you all a happy healthy pregnancy!

Re: Welcome November moms! (Intros)

  • Hi I'm pregnant with my 3rd. I had the a 4 year old girl and 2 year old boy. Due Nov 8! 
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  • O wow, your fourth! 😍
  • My oldest is almost 17! Happy to have you here.
  • Pregnant with my second. First is 21 months! I forgot about the early days anxieties waiting for time to progress 🫨
  • Hi all! We are pregnant with our 1st! 🥰 calculated our due date to Nov 3rd! 💙🩷 so exciting!!
  • Hi everyone I’m 4 weeks today, just had my positive beta test. Due date is early November. This is my second, and we are so excited!
  • wllams25wllams25 member
    Hey Beauties Nov 3rd here 
  • Hello! I'm pregnant with my 3rd😃 My other two are 11 and 7. I'm nervous about the age gap! Haha
  • Hello! I am pregnant with my second! The first one is a 8 yo boy. My due date is Nov 5, which also happens to be my birthday 😄
  • Omg! I’m due on the 4th with my second and my oldest is 6 in May! 😂 

    I have had the worst morning sickness, fatigue, bloating combo like no other. I’m also up 6lbs. in spite of all of that lol 
  • We have the same due date ❤️
  • My first as well, after an ectopic back in June 2022. Congratulations and wishing you the best!
  • leylea89leylea89 member
    Hi, I’m 34, gonna be 35 in July so I’ll be 35 with a 5year old and newborn lol. Due 11/2 but kinda hoping for a Halloween baby. Gender doesn’t matter but my dad (who doesn’t know I’m pregnant) said he dreamed one of his three daughters is pregnant and it’s a girl. I have a boy so it would be cool to have one of each but we’ll see. I can never be team green even if it doesn’t matter because I’m so nosey 😂
  • Currently 4 week 1 day with 3rd times a charm baby lost one at 13 weeks in 2020 and one at 18 week July 2023 🤞🏽hoping our rainbow baby wants to stick around to be born on November 14th
  • Currently four weeks & due November 17th! Two months ago I had a chemical around this time so crossing my fingers this one sticks!
  • Heya everyone, i know im new to here but I need some help from you skilled ladies at pregnancy tests!
    I have 7 pregnancy tests all saying positive since Thursday and today I've had a negative result??? S
    omeone please help as I'm freaking out as I had a missed miscarriage 9 months ago. I reallyyyy need some help to stop me freaking & worrying. Xx
  • We’re the 7 tests getting darker or staying the same? If they weren’t darkening, it could be a chemical pregnancy
  • Yes they got darker as days progressed. This one randomly just says negative. Could it possibly be a faulty test? Should I bother spending the money getting a digital one? I don't have any feelings like im going to bleed or come on period x
  • I am so sorry you have to deal with this stress. You could always reach out to your doctor for a blood test and they will be able to check your hormone levels & confirm if everything looks ok, or if it’s chemical. I had chemical two months ago and I bled two days after I learned about it, so if that’s what it is, which I hope it isn’t, you likely would bleed soon. Positive thoughts your way xoxo
  • Also forgot to mention with my chemical I had BAD cramps and back pain, so if you feel okay it may not be that. It could also be not enough HCG in your urine if you drank a lot of water or didn’t wait long to pee
  • Thank you so much for your help. I havent got any cramps or anything just get twinges when I think about it. My GP practice is quite crap (I know I shouldn't say that) so I would be waiting and waiting with them and I think that'd drive me mad. I also was drinking a lot of coffee (decaff) this morning and afternoon before I did the test so I'm working during if it was too diluted. You're helping me so much by having a chat so thank you x
  • Due November 4th with my first! 6 weeks today and the anxiety is real. How do people deal with the unknown?! The waiting is killing me.
  • I need some help. I may be having another chemical, sadly. Yesterday BW:  HCG only 24.5 and Progesterone only 3.5. I am 4 weeks and 2 days. Has anyone ever had low hormones but a viable and successful pregnancy? Honesty is ok, understand this may not work. 
  • Did they put you on progesterone? That’s something that can an be helped if your hcg is doubling. 35 is low but also on the normal spectrum so it’s not impossible. But I don’t want to provide you false hope because there is a good chance you’ll miscarry
  • Thank you, I am prepared for that. No progesterone supplements yet, theyre going to see the levels tomorrow and then determine if I should. Also it’s not 35, it’s 3.5 so very low
  • agp1991agp1991 member
    to err on the side of caution...had a positive test, currently 5w5d after back to back miscarriages. I do believe this one will be different, since very positive beta numbers and rising, on progesterone and I have a great healthcare support system. Still waiting for dating scan. So hopefully this will be our rainbow baby 👶🏻 
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