3rd Trimester

Uncommon side effects 3rd Trimester

I'm a 34 year old first time mom. I'm at 34 weeks and I've been dealing with horrible circulation issues mostly during the night and sometimes throughout the day. My hands feel like they have carpal tunnel syndrome. Has anyone else dealt with the same issues and did it go away after delivery?

Re: Uncommon side effects 3rd Trimester

  • Look up dequarvaine's - I ended up needing surgery on my left wrist for it around 6 months after birth
  • Thank you for responding! I was able to look into and do a little bit of research on it. I'll double check with my obgyn, but I don't think that's what it is. Mine doesn't really affect the thumb or wrist at all, just my index through ring finger on each hand. The middle finger more than anything though. Thanks again for responding!!
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  • Sounds like an ulnar nerve entrapment. Maybe median nerve as well, but could be due to fluid buildup/swelling. Or it could start up towards the neck/shoulders, where the nerves run. It’s often due to posture or muscle tightness (but not always - in pregnancy it can be related to fluid). You can try getting a massage to work through the neck/traps/arms to see if it frees up the nerve to run through/around muscles. Typically a doctor won’t be able to do much for it except say “it happens in pregnancy and will get better after delivery”
  • Thank you so much! I'll absolutely try a massage. I've also noted the pain gets better with cold compresses. So, I'll continue to do that as well.
  • I’ve been feeling this. Every morning, I have to exercise my fingers because I can’t even make a fist. My hands are very swollen and moving my thumb in a circular motion is either painful or impossible unless I run my hands under warm water. My OB stated that it should subside after delivery but it’s annoying. 
  • I’ve had pregnancy carpal tunnel and it’s been such a pain. I eventually broke down and got the wrist support braces and they help a lot. I do the cold compresses or icing which helps too. My cousin also had pregnancy carpal tunnel with her two children and she says it does go away after delivery, though sometimes it’s a few weeks. She also said massages are the best thing to deal with the problem. Wishing you all the best of luck because I understand the frustration. Hands are so sensitive!
  • I thank all of you for responding. I'm trying everything, but it just keeps getting worse. I'm 37.2 weeks away from my due date. I've officially lost feeling in my index, middle, ring finger, and thumb on my left hand and my index, middle, and ring fingers on my right hand. I tried compression gloves, but they made it worse. I have to sleep sitting up with elbow braces so I don't fully bend my elbows and exacerbate the nerves. Simple tasks like holding a writing utensil, using my phone, eating and brushing my teeth are excruciating. The only release now is running cold water over my hands for a few minutes,  which to me is a waste of water. I just wanted to give an update, but I feel like I'm just complaining at this point. :/ I'm keeping my fingers crossed my little one comes soon because I'm terrified I won't be able to hold her because the constant pain is too much. On a good note my natural birth might be easier with the pain centralized to my hands lol. 
  • Ooh I’m so sorry. That’s not a fun place to be in at all. Would your SO be willing to do a retrograde edema massage (very light, moving from your hands up your arm) just to get the fluid moving back toward your heart? I don’t know if nerve glides would even help with that much swelling…you can always look them up and try them without going to the endrange of motion. I truly hope the swelling goes away quickly after birth. That’s so difficult.
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