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HCG did not double

I’m 7 weeks today. I did two rounds of HCH testing, 1st one was at like 45000 and the second one - two days later is 52000 give or take … is this a major problem? 

Re: HCG did not double

  • I know that after 6 weeks, HCG stops doubling. I am not sure what the rate of increase is supposed to be, though, so I would check with your doctor. 
  • Your HGC doesn't double any more, after about 5 or 6 weeks. You are fine. 
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  • Are you sure? My midwife does not seem very comforting and everyone is leaning toward there could be a potential problem. I’m loosing my mind 
  • doctors don’t usually test hcg unless there’s history of fertility treatment or you’re having weird symptoms. did you have any of those?  
  • I’m going to be 40, I was spotting for two days but it was light and went away. Progesterone was low so I’m on progesterone now… and so we were just checking HCG to make sure everything is progressing. My last pregnancy was my son 7.5 years ago. I’ve never been able to conceive since. I lost 3 pregnancy in my 20s
  • At 7 weeks they should be able to see the baby & heartbeat on ultrasound so not sure why they’re not doing that instead? 
  • @virtaur because there is no medical need for it, not everyone gets an early ultrasound.  
  • @harpseal135 if they’re testing her HCG there’s obv a medical need for making sure the pregnancy is progressing given her history of loss + age….thats why I asked that question. I’m aware not everyone gets an early ultrasound. 
  • i just read a few articles and studies to understand the play of progesterone and if this has any effect on your hcg levels. 

    in summary, your hcg levels may have risen slowly BECAUSE of the low progesterone. progesterone is made by your body up until about week 10 to enforce a strong uterine lining. after week 10 baby usually makes enough from then on to where you don’t need to make as much. 

    the good news is that your hcg levels are not DROPPING after 48 hrs. a noticeable drop can indicate miscarriage - but not always. yours rose slowly, which makes me think it’s just the issue of low progesterone. 

    did your doctor do an ultrasound? i agree with @virtaur that it would make sense for your doctor to send you in to check baby’s heart rate and make sure that it is developing in the right spot. sometimes during an ectopic pregnancy hcg can also rise slowly, and we don’t want an ectopic pregnancy. 

    i think you should try and stay positive, listen to your doctor and take the progesterone as it will help strengthen the uterus for pregnancy. also if you don’t have an ultrasound scheduled or done by now i would recommend asking your doctor to help reassure that everything is headed in the right direction. 

    keep a close eye on your body as well. any noticeable pains or abnormal discharge should be reported to your doc. stay positive momma, prayers for a sticky baby 🤍
  • We did one. Turns out I was 6 weeks and not 7. We did see a heart beat with the Doppler 
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