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How do I tell my sister I’m pregnant? Nervous!

Hi all,
I just found out I was pregnant and am super nervous about telling my sister. My husband and I were not trying to conceive but we did! We also have a toddler. I am also a caregiver to my older sister who has an auto immune disease and is not able to work. She lives alone and we do not have any other family to help us with things (parents, grandparents etc are all gone). I am super nervous to tell her Im expecting as I think it will really come as a shock as my husband and I were not sure yet if we would have another child. And I hadnt even talked about having another baby for a long time. I think she will also be worried about how the change will impact her life as she is dependent on me to help with her groceries, meal prep, cleaning etc and also be an emotional support.
Any tips on how to start the conversation? How to be sensitive? I know some people may just think it doesn’t matter how it impacts her because its about me. I understand that but I also know she has a difficult life and change is even harder for her (and additional stress).
Thank you so much

Re: How do I tell my sister I’m pregnant? Nervous!

  • As someone with an autoimmune disease who struggled with infertility, I simply recommend just being upfront. If it’s hard for her, it’ll be hard no matter what. When my younger brother and his wife became pregnant before us, it was really challenging for me…but I just needed some space to get over it. Your lives are different, and that’s okay.

    As for how to tell her, I appreciated it when people were direct but didn’t act too excited and didn’t expect me to mirror that excitement. You already have a toddler, so it’s not like it’s your first kid and it won’t come as a shock that you’re capable of becoming pregnant. Answer questions as she asks them, but otherwise I appreciated it when people let it be. If you’re able to tell her in person, that’s probably better because you can bring it up casually as opposed to calling with the news. Or if you can’t see her in person, drop it in during a normal phone conversation where you’re talking about other things too.

    She’ll be alright. But it’s very nice of you to think of her in this way
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