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Short Mamas

Are any of you short of stature and finding it hard to lug your bellies around? I’m 5”2’ and 23w and I feel so much pressure and heaviness already. I have only gained about 7lbs total since before pregnancy, but my stomach has expanded so much that I feel like the muscles on the top of my tummy are always being pulled. I can’t fathom how I’m going to feel a month from now let alone 3.5! Just wondering if any other short moms are out there feeling the same and any tips on what helps ease the pressure/muscle tightness? 

Re: Short Mamas

  • I am 5ft and was 94lbs before being pregnant, but now I'm 111lbs and I feel the exact same as you. I've been using pregnancy belly bands to help support the weight of the baby when I feel like my tummy is being pulled. I also have some stretch mark lotion that (if I'm home) I will just rub on the sides of my belly and underneath to relieve some of the pressure! 
  • I’m 5’1 and started at 110 but I’m now 126. I definitely understand how you feel. I’ve been using a belly brace too. I feel like my baby is so low sometimes and other times, I feel like this belly is so big when I sit down, it gets hard to breathe. 
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  • The lotion helps with that? Mine doesn’t really do anything pressure wise. I started at 130 and am now 144 so I’m worried what third trimester is going to look like as the baby gets bigger!
  • 5'1 and it is always insane to me how big I get. Since I don't grow up I grow out. I use KT tape and bands when I get further. The more pregnancies I have the sooner I blow up too. It's always a good time. 1 pregnancy in particular my stomach was so stretched the slightest bump would feel like a stab it was crazy. Buckle up ladies it's just beginning haha this too shall pass. 😉
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