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WTO w/o Feb 19

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Re: WTO w/o Feb 19

  • Month/Cycle: 2/3

    CD: I guess today is probably CD2 but I'd rather call it 1 and yesterday 0 if I got my say in the world. 

    WAYDTGKU: I think my next move is to schedule a dr appt and just double check basic labs like thyroid. Possibly bench myself this month. 

    R/R: this makes 2 chemical pregnancies in 2 months. Last month I was really angry for a day or so, like just really angry at DH for "putting me through this". This month I was just more at peace in general going into it, but this loss came right on the heels of other sudden losses in my life so the sadnesses are kinda pooling up in me at the moment. So I don't really know where to go from here. A visit to my dr seems right, though I know I don't truly want to do fertility treatments. I am ok with our family, this trend of missing AF, getting a + and then losing it within a few days is rather an emotional rollercoaster. 

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